Advice for Sons Caring for an Elderly Parent

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Advice for Sons Caring for an Elderly Parent

Although most people assume that women most often care for elderly parents, an increasing number of men are providing assistance to meet the needs of their elders. In fact, some studies report that as many as 40% of family caregivers are men, a large increase that has slowly risen in the past decade.

While not all men may find caregiving difficult, some say that the process is easier for women as there is a natural inclination to provide support and care. To help those who may be unsure of how to go about caring for a parent at home, here are a few tips that can help make the transition from independent living to Fairfield home care an easy and hassle-free task.

Talk to Professionals

Instead of trying to rely on yourself to care for a parent, it’s important to talk to professionals who have the knowledge and resources available. Ask your parent’s doctor how to assist your parent with taking their daily prescriptions, safety measures to enforce in the home, and common hazards to avoid. You can also meet with a geriatric Care Manager who can help create a plan on how to provide support for the elderly parent. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or talk to experts to become more equipped with the process, especially if you are providing care for an advanced condition such as dementia or Alzheimer’s care in Fairfield.

Delegate Different Tasks

It can be difficult to attempt to care for your parent on your own, making it important to hire extra help where it’s needed. Consider using a housekeeper to tend to the home that your elderly parent is living in, as well as a transportation service that can pick up your loved one for appointments during the week. You may also be interested in home care services where a caregiver can assist with daily activities to help ensure safety and comfort for your loved one in your absence.

Create a Budget

To prevent draining your finances or mismanaging your parent’s money, you’ll need to create a budget before providing assistance. It’s important to factor in their health insurance, groceries, utilities, a mortgage or rent, transportation services, and the cost of activities that they may be involved in each month.

If you feel like you may need assistance with caring for an aging parent, now or in the future, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Fairfield today. We’re here to answer questions or can simply have a conversation about our Fairfield 24 hour care as well as our flexible hourly care services. Call 203-955-1915 to speak with a friendly Care Manager.


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