Risks of Refusing to Accept a Loved One’s Dementia Diagnosis

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Learn to Accept a Dementia Diagnosis

A dementia diagnosis is never easy to accept. While it is common to feel overwhelmed by fears that a loved one may change, it is important to remember that there are many treatments available that can ease dementia symptoms. Learning to accept a loved one’s dementia is also critical for avoiding the following dangers that can be prevented with prompt attention and care.

Delayed Professional Help

Often, a spouse or child notices signs that a loved one has dementia such as memory lapses or confusion, but they attempt to make up for it by taking on more responsibility. Unfortunately, this often leads to a family caregiver eventually being unable to provide all the support their loved one needs. It can delay diagnosis and treatment from a trained physician, and prevent the family from finding Fairfield home care agencies that can provide additional help.


As dementia progresses, the risk of injury or illness due to an accident increases. Car accidents, forgetting to turn the stove off, and other mishaps can be serious for senior adults with memory loss. Additionally, confusion can lead to a senior wandering away from their home, and those who cannot recall their personal information are at greater risk for harm.

Family Conflicts

When one person is in denial, it can affect the entire family. One reason for this is that conflicts can arise between family caregivers and how they respond to their loved one’s daily routine. Additionally, those who deny a dementia diagnosis may force other family members to shoulder the burden of attending medical appointments and ensuring their loved one’s safety.

Missed Opportunities to Connect

Having a loved one with dementia often means learning how to communicate and connect in a new way. This is often a process that requires time and support from others who understand living with dementia. As one begins to accept his or her loved one’s condition, they are able to begin rebuilding a relationship that focuses on enjoying the good times while safeguarding their health.

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