Telling Your Kids You Have Alzheimer’s

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How to Explain an Alzheimer's Diagnosis to Your Kids in Fairfield, CT

No doubt, an Alzheimer’s diagnosis is scary. As frightening as it may be, sharing information openly is important so that everyone is prepared for what lies ahead. Telling your children you have Alzheimer’s is an essential step in developing your support system, but it is always important to go about sharing information the right way. Here are a few tips for broaching this difficult conversation, presented by a leading provider of Alzheimer’s care for seniors in Fairfield.

Call a Meeting

Start by calling a family meeting. Explaining your diagnosis to everyone at the same time helps you avoid hurting the feelings of the person who was not told first, and it gives everyone the opportunity to ask questions and openly discuss what their upcoming roles might be.

Be Prepared for Questions

Be prepared for questions that you might not be able to answer and give your children the opportunity to talk to your doctor. Since many people view Alzheimer’s as a terminal diagnosis where the individual lives out his or her remaining days in a nursing home and forgetful of everyone, a medical professional can help explain that this is not the case. When detected early, there are many effective treatment options that can slow the progression of Alzheimer’s. Helping your family to understand this can ease their stress and anxiety.

Plan for the Future

During the conversation, begin planning for the future. Explain to your children what your long-term goals are and what kind of help you need from them. Discuss options such as in home care in Fairfield, assisted living, or nursing homes. Putting your wishes in writing may also make it easier for your loved ones to best meet your needs as the disease progresses. 

A conversation with your children about Alzheimer’s is never comfortable, but if you have been diagnosed, it is an important one to have. Use honest, open communication to help everyone understand your diagnosis and find the support you need.

After a diagnosis, don’t hesitate to reach out to Home Care Assistance for the help and support both you and your family need and deserve. We offer both hourly and live-in senior care plans to ensure care needs are met through each stage of the disease, and our care services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To learn more, please call 203-955-1915.


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