Top Yoga Poses for Seniors

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Best Yoga Poses For Seniors

As a leading provider of elderly home care in Fairfield, our top priority is changing the way our senior population ages, and we know one of the best ways to do that is through a healthy diet and regular exercise. Whether your aging parent still runs every morning or has mobility challenges that make physical activity more challenging, here are a few simple yoga poses that can help enhance his or her overall health.

The Cat Pose 

Your loved one should start on his or her hands and knees with the back flat like a tabletop. The knees should be directly under the hips, and the hands and arms should be perpendicular to the floor. The head should be in a neutral position with the eyes looking ahead. Your loved one should exhale as he or she gently rounds and arches the back to the ceiling. He or she should inhale while returning to the tabletop position.

Cow Pose

From the tabletop position, your loved one should lift his or her chest and tailbone to the ceiling and push the belly toward the floor while inhaling. Then, your loved one should exhale when returning to the tabletop position. The cat and cow poses work together to improve range of motion along the spine.

Warrior I Pose

This pose will help improve balance and increase leg and hip strength. Have your loved one face a wall. The toes of one foot should be touching the wall, and the other stretched behind him or her with the toes pointing outward. Hips should be parallel to the wall and the torso straight. The arms should be held straight out and slightly up as they press against the wall. Have your family member exhale as he or she bends the front knee to a right angle.

Relaxation Pose

Have your loved one lie on the floor with a pillow under his or her head. Feet should be about shoulder-width apart, and arms should be at his or her side with palms facing upwards. Encourage your loved one to keep the shoulders down and push shoulder blades toward his or her spine. Have your elderly loved one inhale and exhale deeply as he or she focuses on relaxing each part of the body. This pose offers benefits such as improving digestion and reducing stress.

Legs in a V Pose

This exercise will improve leg flexibility. Be sure to place a stack of pillows in front of him or her for this exercise. Your family member should sit on the floor with his or her legs spread in a V-shape. Then lean forward to rest the torso on the pillows. Encourage him or her to inhale and exhale deeply about six times before returning to the sitting position.

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