Top GPS Tracking Devices for Alzheimer’s & Dementia Patients

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Best Tracking Devices for Seniors

Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia can make seniors unfamiliar with their surroundings. This often leads to wandering, which can be a serious concern for dementia caregivers. Fortunately, technology has given us solutions to address wandering and help you keep your loved one safe. Westport home care experts have discussed some of the best GPS tracking services designed especially for seniors.

Project Lifesaver
Cost: $95 activation fee and $25 per month

Project Lifesaver aims to provide fast response to save lives and reduce injuries for adults with memory impairment as well as children with autism and other disorders. Seniors enrolled in the program receive a personal transmitter worn around the ankle. If your loved one wanders, you can call your local Project Lifesaver location and a team will respond. Project Lifesaver has an average recovery time of just 30 minutes.

Comfort Zone
Cost: $45 activation fee and $43 per month

Comfort Zone is a web-based system that allows you to monitor your loved one’s location. Your loved one will wear a locator device or the device can be mounted to his or her car, in the case of early-stage Alzheimer’s. This device will receive signals from nearby cell towers and satellites so you can verify their location while giving your loved one their independence.

Cost: $70 activation fee and $20 per month

Mindme offers two important lifesaving devices: a locator device and an alarm, which can be used to call for help if your loved one falls or has an emergency. The locator device is a pendant that can be kept in a pocket or bag so Alzheimer’s caregivers can track their loved one online. With the Mindme program, you can select a radius for your loved one and receive an alert if they move outside of the zone.

GPS SmartSole
Cost: $35 activation fee and $25 per month
GPS SmartSoles cost $299 per pair.

If you’re concerned that your loved one will lose a pendant or refuse to wear it, GPS SmartSole may be a good solution. This technology fits into your loved one’s shoes and allows you to track their movements with your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The shoe insert has GPS technology with real-time syncing, a location history report, and the ability to set a safe radius with alerts.

If you’re worried about your loved one wandering, you might also consider 24-hour safety monitoring from a trusted Westport senior home care company like Home Care Assistance. In addition to safety monitoring, our caregivers can also help around the house, cook healthy meals, encourage physical exercise, and provide mental stimulation through our Cognitive Therapeutics Method. To learn more, call 203-955-1915 and speak with an experienced Care Manager today.


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