6 Health Benefits of Gardening

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6 Ways Gardening Benefits Elderly Health in Fairfield, PA

Aside from being a relaxing hobby, gardening has many therapeutic benefits for seniors, especially if it’s a combination of flower and edible gardening. The setup of the landscape and the tools used can easily be modified to accommodate capabilities, allowing many seniors to enjoy the health benefits of gardening regardless of physical abilities.

1. It’s a Safe Form of Exercise

Gardening is a safe low-impact form of exercise. From digging and weeding to carrying a bag or two of soil or fertilizer, the movements associated with gardening work various muscle groups in a way that helps maintain strength and flexibility.

2. It Helps Minimize Back and Joint Pain

According to Fairfield senior home care professionals, light exercise is often recommended for seniors with back or joint pain to maintain muscle strength. For seniors with a passion for gardening, it’s not difficult to find the motivation to do a little work in the garden each day.

3. It Reduces Stress

Psychological stress can impact every aspect of senior health. One way to de-stress is to focus on a hobby like gardening, which is a set-your-own-pace activity conducive to relaxation.

4. It Improves Cognitive Skills

Managing and planning a garden is an excellent way to boost and maintain cognitive skills. Whether it’s determining how far to space new plantings apart or establishing an appropriate watering schedule, gardening involves some degree of orderly thinking.

5. It Provides an Incentive to Eat Healthier

Planting some vegetables, herbs, and spices provides a readily available source of fresh food and healthy ingredients. Seniors can use what they grow to make nutritious and tasty meals on a regular basis.

6. It’s a Good Reason to Be Social

Numerous studies suggest maintaining an active social lifestyle can help seniors keep their minds sharp while also reducing the risk of depression. While sometimes a solo effort, gardening also provides opportunities to socialize and interact with grandchildren and neighbors. Seniors can also participate in local community gardens.

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