Helpful Gadgets for Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery

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Stroke Gadgets for Rehabilitation

In the last few years, a number of gadgets have hit the market, offering rehabilitative assistance for those who have experienced a stroke. These devices are primarily focused on returning stroke survivors to a higher level of mobility and independence as one major issue that many survivors contend with is partial paralysis. Appropriate therapy and support from part-time or live-in caregivers in Fairfield, along with the following gadgets may help your aging loved one maintain as much of their regular routine as possible. For senior care, Fairfield families can hire a professionally trained caregiver.

The Tailwind

Improving mobility and retraining muscles can be tough components of any rehabilitation programs, and arm paralysis in particular is very common among stroke victims. The Tailwind is an at-home device used to strengthen arm muscles and improve the range of functional motion. The device helps coordinate arm movements independently and even with short, but regular sessions, it has been shown to help reactivate brain pathways associated with arm movement. Perhaps best of all, patients can begin using it soon after a stroke or even years later and still see results.

The Biomove System

The Biomove 3000 uses electrical stimulation to help retrain muscles for voluntary movement. The device can be used for both arms and legs to help develop greater movement capabilities in partial paralyzed limbs. Patients simply try to move the effected limb and the Biomove detects the electrical signals sent by the brain. The device then stimulates that muscle group to help the brain develop a better connection with the nerves of that arm or leg. Even those with high levels of paralysis see improvement.

The Xtensor

This gadget fits over the hand and is used to improve the fine motor skills of the fingers that is often lost or impeded following a stroke. The device can help stroke suffers learn to write again or develop a surer grip. For those with partial arm paralysis, it can be useful in restoring the connection between the brain and fingers through meaningful exercise and practice. The exercise it provides can also help slow muscle atrophy during the recovery process.

If you have an aging parent or loved one who has recently experienced a stroke, learn more about professional stroke home care in Fairfield from Home Care Assistance. Our highly trained and compassionate stroke caregivers can assist seniors with the above activities and physical, speech and occupational therapies, while also providing the assistance and support needed at home to remain safe and comfortable. Find out how our exceptional stroke caregivers are helping seniors throughout Fairfield County by calling 203-955-1915 today.


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