American Heart Month: Why Seniors Should Get Routine Check-Ups

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Importance of Regular Senior Check Ups

Senior check-ups are the most important part of preventative care. These visits give doctors the opportunity to spot minor problems before they have a chance to spiral out of control. Aging adults also get access to important nutritional advice and lifestyle recommendations that will help them retain mental acuity, physical strength, heart health, mobility and fine motor coordination among many other things.

With February being American Heart Month, a month dedicated to spreading awareness about heart disease, Home Care Assistance of Fairfield wanted to share some information about the importance of routine check-ups. Often included in such check-ups is a heart screening, which can help detect problems early so that less-invasive treatments can be applied with greater success.

What A Senior Check-Up Includes

The key to avoiding heart disease is prevention and thus, much of the senior check-up revolves around risk factor management. In addition to blood glucose problems, providers check their patients for high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and other factors that are known to contribute to heart disease.

Aging adults will also receive a thyroid check through a series of thyroid function tests and a blood electrolyte count. Blood electrolyte counts can identify early heart problems and problems with liver and kidney functions. Doctors weigh their patients, check their reflexes and inspect the eyes, ears, nose and throat.

The Benefits Of Routine Check-Ups

For seniors, regular doctor visits ensure that providers are able to implement treatment for problems early on. It is also important to note that these visits can have a considerable impact on senior life qualities. Recurring or chronic aches and pains can be resolved so that seniors can move easier, sleep better and enjoy greater comfort overall.

Taking a loved one to his or her check-ups will also help them to maintain greater levels of independence. With improved health, seniors are able to get more of their daily responsibilities done on their own. If you are unable to take a loved one to a doctor appointment and he or she is unable to drive, consider a service such as Fairfield hourly home care. With hourly home care, a caregiver can provide reliable transportation to and from the appointment, can sit-in on the appointment to help ensure all doctor recommendations are written down and understood, and can also assist with prescription pick-ups, medication reminders and any other household tasks or chores.

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