Living Out the Golden Years with Purpose

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Purposeful Living for Seniors

The golden years are rich with opportunities, yet some seniors find it hard to enjoy this stage of life. Without a structured schedule that revolves around work and family obligations, it can be easy for an older adult to lose their sense of purpose, which can lead to negative feelings such as loneliness and depression. To help seniors combat such feelings and maximize their post-retirement lifestyle, Fairfield Home Care Assistance offers these tips for how to live out the golden years with purpose.

Outline Goals

To retain purpose in late-life, life coaches often recommend that seniors outline their goals. One great way to do this is to craft a mission statement, a few sentences that can act as a guiding factor in how to look at daily life and make decisions. Anyone floundering for the right words may consider what makes them feel satisfied and what unique gifts they can offer to the community. Seniors can even write the statement and display it in the home or include it in a special journal.

Think Outward

Seniors can provide welcome comfort and encouragement to family members or friends who are younger. This encouragement might include writing a letter, buying a special gift, or babysitting grandchildren. Other heartening acts may include calling friends to stay in touch or simply sharing friendly smiles with people when out and about. This outward style of thinking can reintroduce purpose into a senior loved one’s life so they can feel confident in their abilities and self-image.

Expand Social Networks

The golden years are not the time to choose isolation. Seniors do well to expand friendships with all generations. While it is wonderful to have friends in a similar age and interest group, it is also wonderful to enjoy friendships with those who are younger or have different interests. Seniors can grow their social networks via online communities, at local meet-up groups, or at senior and recreation centers in town. Studies show that social seniors not only enjoy a greater sense of purpose, but are healthier both physically and mentally than their less social counterparts.

At Home Care Assistance of Fairfield, purpose is one of the main components of our Balanced Care Method, a unique approach to how our caregivers provide care. By encouraging a sense of purpose in all of our clients, we’re helping seniors enjoy late-life with dignity, independence, and happiness. For more information about our home care approach or care services, call (203) 955-1915 and request a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with a friendly Care Manager today.


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