Simple-to-Use Medicine Organizers

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Easy-Use Medication Organizers

Medication organizers have come a long way since the plastic pillboxes of yore. If you provide home care in Fairfield for an elderly parent who takes multiple medications, consider one of these cool tools to help him or her manage his or her prescriptions.

1. E-pill 4 Alarm Pill Box with Vibration Reminder

This unique pill box allows you to set up to four alarms for different times of the day, making it easier than ever for your senior loved one to take the right pills at the right time. It’s easy to set, use, and carry, and the alarm can be set either to vibrate or to emit a beep that can be easily heard from several rooms away.

2. Turtle Organizer with Reminder Clock

No matter how many different medications your loved one takes each day, this pill box is large enough to fit all of them, with a built-in alarm system to boot. It boasts a compartment for each day of the week along with four daily alarms, as well as an easy-to-read display that also features raised letters and Braille.

It can be difficult for seniors to keep a tract of their medications. If your loved one needs help with medication management, consider hiring professional services of home care, Fairfield families can count on.

3. GlowCap

This innovative product attaches directly to the top of a standard prescription bottle. Once activated and set up using wireless internet, the system allows you, your family member, or his or her in-home caregiver to not only set medication reminders, but also to refill prescriptions at the push of a button. The attractive and easy-to-use device has a variety of reminder options, including lights, vibration, sound, and text message alerts, making it easy to adapt to your family member’s unique needs.

Seniors who take multiple medications are at risk for dangerous side effects, interactions, and other health issues if prescriptions are taken incorrectly. If you’re concerned about keeping your family member safe, give one of these organizers a try.

If you’re worried an organizer isn’t enough, you might also consider part-time elder care in Fairfield from Home Care Assistance. Our trained and friendly caregivers can offer medication reminders, monitor dosage, ensure prescriptions are refilled and picked up, and help with a wide variety of other daily living tasks. For more information, please give us a call  at 203-955-1915.


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