Fall Proofing Your Loved One’s Home

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Fall Proofing Your Loved One's Home

Nine out of ten seniors would prefer to age in place, surrounded by their personal belongings, cherished possessions and friends and family. However, with age also comes changes in abilities and some of these age-related conditions can affect a loved one’s ability to safely live and navigate their home. In order to balance your loved one’s desire to live at home as they age and their individual needs, it is important that you take measures to keep the home safe and prevent slips, trips and falls.

First, you’ll want to perform an assessment of your loved one’s home and current abilities. This will help you determine where changes need to be made. For instance, if your loved one has trouble with mobility, it will be important to install grab bars in the bathrooms, near stairs and in other locations of the home where trips may be more likely. If you’re not sure where to start, consider working with a local Fairfield home care agency. Their professional Care Managers can perform a home evaluation and help create a plan for how to best move forward with safety changes and how to best address care needs.

Generally, you’ll want to keep the home clutter-free to make it easier for your loved one to ambulate safely through every room. Remove unwanted furniture, get rid of excess magazines, throw out trash or debris and ensure that electrical cords are cleared from walkways. Keep home decor as simplistic as possible to open up lines of sight, improving your loved one’s ability to move freely throughout the home and remain independent.

In addition to de-cluttering the home, consider installing safety equipment to help prevent falls. Non-slip floor mats, grab bars in the showers, ramps to replace stairs and even a chair lift can provide your senior loved one with a sense of independence and a safe, secure environment.

Finally, make sure the home is equipped with appropriate lighting. Changes in vision can make it difficult for a senior to navigate through the home. Install new bulbs in light fixtures and consider installing overhead lighting to help illuminate frequently used rooms of the home such s the kitchen, living room and bedroom. Also, purchase nightlights for hallways to ensure that your loved one is safe during the evenings and at night.

When the above measures have been taken and the risk of falls remains high, part-time or live-in care in Fairfield is a great resource for families. Investing in a professional caregiver to assist your loved one with daily activities, while offering appropriate stand-by supervision can help to maximize safety, ensure independence and fulfill your loved one’s goal of aging in place.

To learn more about how an in-home caregiver can help your aging parent or loved one remain safe and independent at home, click here or contact a Home Care Assistance Care Manager at 203-955-1915. Home Care Assistance is a premier provider of home care and our friendly Care Managers are available 24/7 to answer your questions.


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