7 Easy Ways Seniors Can Stay Fit

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7 Easy Ways Seniors Can Stay Fit

At Home Care Assistance of Fairfield, we emphasize the importance of regular daily exercise for seniors in our unique approach to care, The Balanced Care Method™ because we understand the importance of an active lifestyle for seniors. In fact, seniors and older adults who participate in regular exercise often feel more energetic, stay independent for longer and suffer from less pain and fewer illnesses. And the best part? Exercising isn’t hard to do! Take a look at these simple ways that seniors can stay fit:

  1. Stroll. Since it can be done anywhere, walking ranks as a top choice for exercise among seniors. Studies also show that walking with a friend or spouse makes sticking to a walking routine easier so enlist a friend, family member or part-time Fairfield caregiver to accompany you on your walk and enjoy companionship and conversation as you get your heart pumping.
  1. Lift. Perform exercises using light weights or resistance bands to improve balance, maintain mobility and fight muscle atrophy. And if you don’t have weights available, grab a can of vegetables or a water bottle for an easy in-home exercise that can be done while watching television!
  1. Stretch. A good stretching routine relieves pain and makes moving easier. Seniors who are limber experience fewer injuries and have an easier time doing everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning or laundry.
  1. Stabilize. New studies give Tai Chi high marks when it comes to improving balance. This ancient exercise form combines graceful movements and deep breathing so along with better balance, seniors who practice Tai Chi also enjoy reduced stress.
  1. Balance. Don’t avoid exercise simply because of mobility or balance issues. Chair exercise programs offer many of the same fitness benefits as other forms of exercise, without the risks and many easy routines can be found online for free.
  2. Dance. Ballroom dancing, line dancing and tap dancing are just a few of the enjoyable ways to dance for exercise. Having a social activity to enjoy with others can also brighten your day, and some studies report dancing to have cognitive benefits as well, minimizing and reducing the risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  1. Swim. Many seniors enjoy staying fit with water aerobics. Water provides support, so exercise in the water can be gentler on the joints than exercising on land. Some seniors choose group classes while others enjoy walking or jogging in the pool.

It’s never too late to get in shape. Most communities offer classes for those who want to learn new ways to stay fit or simply like the support attending a class can offer. Just be sure to check with the doctor before beginning any new exercise program.

If you or an aging parent or loved one need assistance crafting and carrying out a senior exercise program, reach out to the Fairfield live-in home care experts at Home Care Assistance. Our Care Managers and caregivers work directly with their clients to create an in-home care plan that meets physical, cognitive and emotional needs. Call 203-955-1915 for more information and schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.


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