Walking Helps Seniors Take Aging in Stride

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Benefits of Walking for Seniors

A common concern among aging adults is the potential loss of mobility and independence. While there are a number of ways to preserve these crucial abilities, doctors routinely suggest that all adults, regardless of age, exercise 30 minutes daily. Although a daily exercise may seem like a daunting task for some seniors and older adults, accomplishing recommended levels of daily activity can be as easy as taking a walk!

Walking has numerous physical benefits for seniors. It is low cost (free!), low impact and can be done almost anywhere. There is no need for fancy equipment or an expensive gym membership. A pair of sneakers, and a willingness to work towards improved physical health, are the only things required to begin a walking program.

Research shows that walking on a regular basis may help seniors lower their blood pressure, reduce body fat, decrease their risk of stroke, improve bone density and relieve pressure on joints. Consistent walking also improves muscle strength and balance, which will in turn help reduce the risk of falls. For seniors, a decreased risk of stroke, heart disease and diabetes are two of the most important benefits of a daily walking program.

Regular exercise, such as walking, also has many potential emotional benefits for seniors. A recent study published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine concluded that walking 30 minutes a day improved the moods in depressed patients at a faster rate than antidepressants. Scientists believe this natural mood boost is provided by the endorphins released into the body during exercise.

When faced with loss of independence, many seniors also struggle with feelings of depression and isolation. Establishing a walking program, especially with family member or friend, may provide a much-needed social connection that can lift spirits and improve physical health. For seniors who may not have a walking partner available, caregivers are also a great option. Available for hourly home care in Fairfield, professional caregivers can act as walking companions, while also ensuring safety for the senior. Caregivers can go a step further and help the senior with their in-home tasks, personal care and transportation.

Walking is one of the easiest, and most beneficial forms of exercise for seniors and older adults, so encourage your loved one to take a stroll around the neighborhood! If you’re looking for more information about senior health and wellness, visit our website at www.homecareassistancefairfield.com or reach out to a friendly Care Manager directly at 203-955-1915 and learn how Home Care Assistance caregivers are helping change the way the world ages.


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