A Reading List for Retirees

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Fun Reading List for Retired Seniors in Fairfield, PA

After retirement, seniors can look forward to finally having the chance to read more books. Aside from catching up on a long list of good reads, seniors can dive into a few books that will help them make the transition into this new chapter of life. Here are a few recommendations from Westport senior care professionals.

Money for Life

by Steve Vernon

Retirees who are interested in making sure they maximize their financial investments will find this book chocked full of information. In the first part of the book, visual aids are included to demonstrate the many ways retirees can make money in their golden years. The second half of the book discusses strategies for handling taxes after retirements along with the various types of insurance issues that affect seniors. Between learning how to make money and manage it, seniors can be set for a stronger financial future.

How to Retire Happy, Wild and Free

by Ernie J. Zelinski

Happiness in retirement is something for which every senior strives, yet there are certain types of advice for retirement that can only come from an expert. Seniors who desire a break from all of the money talk will love that this book focuses more on the living aspect of retirement. From helping seniors decide if it is time to retire to providing strategies to stay busy with all of that free time, this is one resource that every senior adult should have on their shelf.

Don’t Let an Old Person Move Into Your Body

by Jim Donovan

Today’s active senior is often just hitting their stride as an adult, and this book provides a simple four-step plan to getting the most out of life. Donovan writes about the four P’s, which are purpose, passion, power and prosperity. He breaks each of these concepts down into simple bits of advice regarding how they all contribute to a positive mindset that will ensure a happy retirement.

While retirement can bring new opportunities to seniors, it can also leave them feeling isolated and alone. If you’re concerned about your senior loved one’s emotional wellbeing, Home Care Assistance can help. We offer live-in, hourly, and respite care Westport families trust, ensuring seniors have help with everyday tasks in addition to support and companionship. For more information, call 203-955-1915 and schedule a free consultation with a friendly Care Manager today.


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