What Are Seniors Really Concerned About?

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Top Concerns Among Seniors in Fairfield, CT

While each stage of life comes with its own problems, seniors have a unique set of concerns and worries. Understanding the challenges your loved one faces will put you in a better position to help him or her. Here are a few of the most common concerns our trusted Fairfield caregivers hear about from clients.


Financial concerns top the list for most seniors. With many seniors living into their 80s and 90s, accumulating sufficient funds for retirement is challenging. Rising health care costs only add to the burden. Living on a fixed income often requires seniors to make changes to their lifestyles and can ruin plans to enjoy retirement. Consulting with financial planners before and during retirement can ease the process.


Aging is often associated with declining physical and mental health. One in three seniors will eventually develop some form of dementia, and osteoporosis, heart disease, kidney disease, and macular degeneration are very common in older people. However, advances in medicine make most conditions manageable.

Loss of Independence

Seniors worry about not being able to live independently. Even healthy seniors struggle with loss of strength, speed, and balance, and eyesight and hearing may decline as well. Seeking home care Fairfield is often a realistic solution that provides seniors the help they need without compromising independence.


Slower reflexes and fading senses means that some seniors have to give up driving. In many areas, being unable to drive means that doing basic chores like grocery shopping become very challenging. In addition to home care, many communities offer special transportation services for seniors.


Most people don’t understand how much social activity comes from going to work each day, and it’s not uncommon for seniors to feel isolated, lonely, or depressed after retirement. Volunteering and becoming involved in the community can help keep seniors active and involved.

Changing Technology

The rapid advances in technology can leave seniors bewildered and left out. Computers, smartphones, and even ATMs can be difficult to comprehend. Free computer classes are often available from libraries and community centers to assist, or you can offer to give your aging loved one tutorials as needed.

With help from Home Care Assistance, you can ensure your senior loved one has the help and support he or she needs to live a safe, comfortable, healthy, and happy life at home. We offer hourly and live-in care as well as specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia care Fairfield families trust. To learn more, reach out today by calling 203-955-1915 and speaking with a friendly Care Manager.


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