Warning Signs of Caregiver Stress & Burnout

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Warning Signs of Caregiver Stress & Burnout

One metaphor for the family caregiver is a juggler. Often, caregivers have their own families to care for, in addition to an elderly parent. They may also work outside the home. So a caregiver is juggling all these responsibilities at once. A caregiver is a master multi-tasker.

While multi-tasking is a great skill to have, when you take on too much, you can become overwhelmed and your health can be impacted negatively. To help you avoid this stressed-out state, Fairfield Home Care Assistance is going to present some of the warning signs of caregiver stress so that you can identify problems and seek help before your health and the quality of care you provide suffers.

Warning Signs of Caregiver Stress

Warning signs can be emotional, physical and behavioral:

  • Emotional flags: Inability to concentrate, frequent mood swings, crying jags, instability, sudden outbursts and anger
  • Physical flags: Tension headaches and migraines, chronic neck and back pain, sweaty palms, stooped posture, disturbed sleep, chronic fatigue, weight gain or loss
  • Behavioral flags: Acting on impulse, over-reacting, withdrawing from relationships, frequently changing jobs, and alcohol and drug use

Warning Signs of Caregiver Burnout

When stress is sustained, the body goes on red alert, and sends out warning signals. Being able to identify these signals puts you in a position to scale back. However, when these warning signs are not identified and treated, they can escalate and cause a caregiver to burnout, experiencing:

  • Ongoing self-criticism
  • Hatred for caregiving
  • Neglecting responsibility
  • Ongoing irritability or anger
  • Incessant worry
  • Feeling numb and extreme exhaustion
  • Withdrawal from normal activity
  • –          Conflict at work and relationship problems
  • –          Getting sick
  • –          Substance abuse

Taking Care of the Caregiver

If you experience any of the above feelings, know that you are not alone. With Home Care Assistance of Fairfield by your side, caregiving can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. Allow our caregivers to assist your loved one with daily activities and personal care and take the time you need to rest, relax and recuperate. We offer hourly and live-in care in Fairfield twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

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